There's always gonna be another mountain; I'm always gonna wanna make it move;

Always gonna be an up-hill battle; Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose;

Ain't about how fast I get there; Ain't about what's waiting on the other side;

It's the climb...

HELLO! THANKS for Visiting Our Family Blog Today!
Lots of work tends to go into this, so I appreciate it!

HOME is where the heart is and we are proud that we choose to raise our family out in Western Colorado. We moved to Montrose, CO from Wisconsin in 2003.

Can you believe it has been ALMOST “8″ years already?
It doesn’t seem possible! Yet, all things are possible, right?

Our new Chapter in Colorado… well, we moved here and rented a new home for one year, then bought a home in a subdivision and about a year and a half later bought 21 acres & sold our home with plans to build. We then rented again (same house we originally lived in when we first moved out here!) and then FINALLY built our dream home. We started building our home around May of 2007 and completed in October of 2008. Completed to the point of moving in I should say… we continue to work on til this day.

The above wasn’t easy either! (Is building ever easy?) We struggled and blood, sweat and tears is an understatement in what we went through! But… we do love the home we built and our proud of what we accomplished.

We hope you enjoy this web-site and we look forward to updating it when I can.

The photos may vary – I LOVE to digital scrap and CREATE graphical elements (of course!) around some photos!

So, check back often! OKAY?!